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The website consist of two parts. Front end - is the part of website which is visible to visitors of your website. The visitors can even login or register on your website. Back end - you are provided with a unique user-id and password. By log in, you can modify your website, add new articles, pages, updates and even edit it. You doesn't need any coding knowledge to do it. It is very easy by using WYSIWYG editor. See details below.

Front end


  • Published articles, listed in archieve format (issues-xx under voume-xx)
  • Published web pages, contact and other online web-forms.
  • Space for new udates, announcements & social elements.
  • User sign in, registration & an option to search website

Back end


  • Unique user id & password to log into your website editor.
  • Publish new articles, web pages, news and options to edit the content at any time.
  • Track registered users of your websites. Optins to block or delete users.

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